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Prosys Megasonic Megpie option on POLOS Spin Processor:

  • Reduces media consumption
  • Increases throughput
  • Improves  uniformity
  • Prevents damages
  • Enables process control

Offers a fully integrated solution for megasonic processing, rinsing and drying.

Multiple recipe capacity and process parameter monitoring and reporting assure higher uniformity & repeatability control.

The Megpie is suitable from fragments up to 450mm round or square substrates, we offer customizable chuck adapters for multiple substrate size usage. A Dual Zone model is available for higher efficiency. 


  • Exceptional large-area and high-aspect- ratio feature coverage
  • Very high die-to-die and wafer-to-wafer uniformity
  • Wet process energy efficiency
    • Reduced process times (60-80%)
    • Reduced media usage (up to 90%)
  • On-the-fly process control/monitoring
  • Ration uniform dose of energy on your substrate

  •  Less water usage

  •  Faster cleaning times, more throughput

  •  Particles will be flushed away as soon as they release, less resonant time, resulting in a more efficient cleaning.

 Applicable Processes:

  • Post CMP, TSV, Post Laser Cleaning
  • Pre-Bond, Pre-Dep, Mask Cleaning
  • SU8 and Thick Resist Develop
  • Lift Off, Resist Strip, Etch assist,
    Pre-Plating process



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