Uniform spin coating up to 12,000 rpm
Uniform spin coating up to 12,000 rpm
Spin etch
Spin etch
Megasonic cleaning on spin coater
Megasonic cleaning on spin coater
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Affordable spin coaters for spin process solutions!

When you buy a spin coater, you are looking for a spin coater that has proven itself reliable over years of spin coating a wide range of substrates for many applications. SPS-Europe offer POLOS™ and SPIN150i series high-quality, all plastic single substrate spin coaters since 2003. We spin coat small fragments, foils, laboratory glass or large glass panels (LCD/LED) up to Ø450 mm!
This is the preferred spin coater by major technical universities, institutes and R&D worldwide.  
Selection of our universities customers:

Thousands of scientists published their research using a spin coater POLOS or SPIN150!

Select your spin coater substrate size

⌀ 150 mm Table Top / Integrator
⌀ 200 mm Table Top / Integrator
⌀ 200 mm Spin Coater Advance
⌀ 300 mm Spin Coater Advance
Spin Process Station

Spin coating with the POLOS spin coater?

A spin coater is mostly used for creating thin films with thicknesses below
10 nm of even, high quality thickness, using centripetal force. Typically you spin coat photoresist on a semiconductor wafer, but our spin coaters are also used for spin coating polymer thin films like blockcopolymers (BCP) as PDMS and PMMA, or as a low-cost
sol–gel method e.g. for spin-coated ZnO films.


SPIN150i spin coater includes a vacuum chuck and FREE fragment adapter!

Spin coating in numbers

Substrate size
5 mm to 450 mm
0.1 rpm
1 – 12,000 rpm
1 – 30,000 rpm

Don't lose your spin coating process!

Each Fab, each R&D or even each student in university uses different spin processes.
POLOS spin coaters offer unlimited processes: easy intuitive programming on the touch screen controller,
even USB up- or download from your own pc.
Unlimited programs /steps and graphical representation. And a repeatable spin coating process, time and time again.
This makes the POLOS SPIN150i the best laboratory spin coater you can buy!

Getting started with spincoating?

The right spin coater for your spin coating process?

Configure your preferred spin coater. Or contact us for the spin coater price.


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Own Vacuum
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Fragment Adapter
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Foot Switch

Round (wafer)
Square substrate

1" (25mm)
2" (50mm)
3" (75mm)
4" (100mm)
5" (125mm)
6" (150mm)
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