POLOS Micro Writer

The POLOS µWriter is a high end/low cost direct optical lithography system oriented to universities and research facilities looking to expand their capabilities.
  • High end/low cost lithography
  • Very robust and simple
  • Reduced requirements and easier maintenance

Technical specifications
  • Typical writing speed: 100 - 120 mm/s
  • Maximum area: 100 x 92 mm^2 
  • Mech. Short range noise onslow and on fast axis: < 1µm
  • Realistic minimum feature size 6 - 15 µm depending on the feature

Multiple designs from different files can be written in one process. Tilted/warped substrate compensation via 3-point focus or 4-point bilinear measurement. Mesh type calibration for full-bed curvature.

Recommended raster step of included objectives:
Fine (40x NA0.65): 0.8 µm
Medium (10x NA0.25): 2 µm
Coarse (4x NA0.1): 5 µm

Effective writing speed of included objectives on big areas (unidirectional writing):
Fine: 1.7 mm2/min
Medium: 4.25 mm2/min
Coarse: 10.6 mm2/min

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