SPIN150i TableTop

SPIN150i TableTop

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Product description


Single Substrate Spin Processor:

This table-top spin processor is seamless build in a full-plastic, housing in natural polypropylene (NPP***) or optional PTFE***.
The SPIN150i single substrate spin processor is perfectly suitable for a wide range of applications, including drying, rinsing, cleaning, developing and coating. The SPIN150i is suitable for processing fragments as small as 5mm up to substrates sizes up to Ø160mm (or 6”) or 4"x4".

Available models & materials:

  1. SPIN150i-NPP Table-Top Model NPP***
  2. SPIN150i-PTFE Table-Top Model PTFE***
  3. SPIN150i-NPP Integrator NPP
  4. SPIN150i-PTFE Integrator PTFE


  • Max. substrate diameter: 160mm
  • Max. process chamber diameter: 202mm
  • Programmable digital process controller:
    • Storage of unlimited* programs of unlimited steps of ± 0.1 seconds minimum each
    • Speed 1-12.000 rpm** ± 1 rpm steps with ± 0.1 rpm accuracy
    • detachable control panel with full size touchscreen,
      glove-friendly and suitable for use in glove-box
    • USB port
  • Spin rotation: clockwise, counter clockwise and puddle
  • Vacuum On/Off
  • 3 free programmable outputs (dry contacts) e.g. for automated control of Dispense unit, Nitrogen diffuser, etc.
  • Dimensions: 274 (w) x 250 (d) x 451 (h) mm (including detachable control panel.

For a detailed list of specifications, please request here.

Chucks & Adapters:

  • Vacuum Chuck A-V36-S45-PP-HD up to Ø150mm (included)
  • Fragment Adapter D-V10-S50-PP for fragments (Ø >10mm up to <1”) of Semi Standard Wafer, 300-700µm (included)
  • Small Fragment Adapter D-V2.5-S50-PP for fragments (Ø>3mm up to 15mm)  (optional)


Drying, Rinsing, Coating, Cleaning

* Considering additional capability of standard unit such as USB backup, recipe cycling, PC software etc.
** Measured without substrate, limitations may apply depending on chuck used and substrate specification.
*** For our NPP spin processors and chucks we use NPP-H with α-crystalline properties. For our PTFE spin processors and chucks we use TFM material, superior for use with chemicals above standard PTFE, with a much higher material surface density than standard PTFE, thus none to significant lower “Memory Capability” for absorbing contamination from Chemicals.




SPIN150i TableTop


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