SPS-Europe proudly presents the POLOS Precision Hotplate. The Modular setup of this new Table Top Hotplate enables easy plate (chuck) exchange and upgradeable options, making this a versatile and affordable tool for R&D and Pilot Lines.

The POLOS Hotplate is available for single or double substrates(also available for 200mm wafers). Several heater surface temperature areas are available for dual processing. A precision digital temperature controller enables adjustable temperature steps of 1°C. It is suitable for soft bake as well as hard bake processes and curing of photo resist or epoxy or any other work requiring precise temperature control.


  • Low surface temperature: gradient heating unit (safe housing temp);
  • Diagnostic serial interface (RS232);
  • Precision temperature controlling system: uniform temp.: +/- 0,5°C;
  • Digital temperature controller: adjustable in steps of 1°C;
  • Countdown timer (1-999 sec.) with acoustic alert.

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POLOS Precision Bake plate

POLOS Hotplate
Hotplate setup
Detail Hotplate surface
Detail Hotplate keyboard
Rear Hotplate
Front Hotplate

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