POLOS Advanced

POLOS Advanced

Product description


The POLOS Advanced (new generation: ACD300) is a single substrate spin processor with automatic chemical dispense and is perfectly suitable for a wide range of applications, including drying, rinsing, cleaning, and coating.

This table-top spin processor is seamless build in a full-plastic, housing in natural polypropylene (NPP) or optional PTFE, and is suitable for processing fragments as small as 5mmup to substrates sizes up to Ø360mm or 8"x8"

Available models & Materials:

  1. POLOS300 Advanced Table-Top Model NPP
  2. POLOS300 Advanced Table-Top Model PTFE
  3. POLOS300 Advanced In-Deck NPP
  4. POLOS300 Advanced In-Deck PTFE


  • Max. substrate diameter: 360mm
  • Max. process chamber diameter: 402mm
  • Spin direction: clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Heavy-Duty Servo-Controlled Motor
  • Programmable digital process controller:
  • 2 free programmable outputs (dry contacts)
  • Dimensions: 430 (w) x 315 (d) x 610 (h) mm

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POLOS Advanced


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POLOS Advanced

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