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 ACD200-PTFE-HD Single Substrate Spin Processor:

  • Automatic Chemical Dispense:
    • dispensing fluids through up to 6 spray nozzles
      (Unit comes standard including 2 integrated spray nozzles
       and central N2 shower purge.)
    • each programmable for sequential or parallel dispense
  • Clear/Transparant Domed Lid with central integrated N2 shower purge
  • Seamless Full-Plastic Housing in High Chemical Resistant PTFE (TFM) 
  • Table-Top Model (optional In-Deck): dimensions: 33 (w) x 55 (d) x 32 (h) cm
  • Substrate size: fragments and substrates up to 260mm (or 8") or 6"x6"
  • Heavy-Duty Servo-Controlled MotorProgrammable Digital Process Controller:
    • Storage of 30 programs of 99 Step Recipes each
      Speed 1-10.000rpm, Time, Acceleration
  • 2 Programmable ON/OFF Switching Outputs 

Vacuum Chuck A-V36-S45-PTFE-HD and Small Fragment Adapter D-V10-S50-PTFE-HD up to 150mm, or alternatively, Vacuum Chuck A-V87-S96-PTFE-HD for larger substrates up to 200mm with (1) centering aid (F-Sx/POLOS200) are also included.
Adapter D-V10-S50-PTFE-HD,      A-V87-S96-PTFE-HD
easily fits on top of A-V36-S45-PTFE-HD

(picture shows In-Deck unit)


ACD Available Standard Spray Nozzles
ACD Available Standard Spray Nozzles
ACD200 Basic Dimensions
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