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Spin Process Station

Welcome to Spin Coater

Introducing the new POLOS SPIN150i series Spin Coaters… infinite possibilities


Programmable as you please, create and discover your own process(es),
up- or download them on USB, or hook up external PC* if you wish.

Inifinite process capabilities including puddle function, high speed acceleration…
all your current and future requirements included in one unit!
Available from September 2013.

(* please note an external PC is NOT required for any system operation!)


WELCOME to, your SPS-Europe site to select the single substrate, all plastic POLOS™ or SPIN150™ spin processor or spin coater, most suitable to your application and budget.

The versatile, all plastic, POLOS™ and SPIN150™ single substrate spin processors are specifically designed for applications for MEMS, R&D and typically low volume applications. Spin developing, spin etching, rinse / cleaning, spin drying

Please choose your dispense method below:

   Manual Dispense            Automatic Dispense      Fully automatic dispense

Or choose your application below:

Spin Drying     Rinse / Cleaning     Spin Etching     Spin Developing
        Spin Drying                      Rinse / Cleaning                     Spin Etching                     Spin Developing

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