Liner Set

Liners are available in PET (Polyethylenterephthalat). 0.5mm thick, transparent, antistatic (108 - 1010 Ω) to prevent possible build-up of static charge in the chamber.
Syringe Holder Starter Kit

Consisting of several 30cc dispense barrels, needles and plungers.
Central Dispensing Syringe Holder

For single or triple syringes, with integrated N2 diffuser.
Performus X Dispense Unit

Can be mounted in syringe holder and be connected to one of the 3 programmable dry contacts.
Foot Switch

For hand free usage; controlling start/stop function and vacuum.
Centering Tool
Corrugated Drainhose and connector

In NPP, including connection to connect to the drainport.
Vacuum Pump

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