Available number of programs Unlimited *
Steps per program Unlimited *
Spin speed* 1 - 12,000 rpm** ± 1rpm steps
Spin speed accuracy ± 0.1 rpm **
Spin rotational direction Clockwise, Counter clockwise Puddle
Max. acceleration 30,000 rpm/sec **
Spin time  
Programmable outputs 3 dry relays, nominal switching capacity 0.5A /125 VAC - 0.3A / 60DC
System data  
Housing material Natural Polypropylene (NPP) *** or High Chemical Resistant PTFE (TFM)
Process chamber material Natural Polypropylene (NPP) *** or High Chemical Resistant PTFE (TFM)
Interface Detachable, full-size touchscreen, glove-friendly, IP52, chemical resistant
External connection 1 USB Port in the controller
Max. substrate diameter 360mm round or 8ʺ x 8ʺ square
Max. process chamber diameter 402 mm
Dimension (desktop version) 430 (w) x 310 (h) x 650 (d) mm
Shipping weight 32 kgs
Shipping dimension 780 (w) x 620 (h) x 580 (d) mm
Voltage 100 - 120 VAC / 200 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz (auto select)
Power consumption Max. 1800 W
Max. current 10A / 8A
Vacuum - 80 kPa (-24 inchHg), ≥ 80 lpm Tube OD Ø8mm
Motor purge gas 20 - 50 kPa, 2-5 l/min, Tube OD Ø 6mm 500lph
Drain connection 1” M-NPT

* Considering additional capability of standard unit such as USB backup, recipe cycling, PC software etc.
** Measured without substrate, limitations may apply depending on chuck used and substrate specification.
*** For our spin processors and chucks we use NPP-H with α-crystalline properties.

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