Substrate size ≤ 150mm
Substrate size ≤ 200 mm
Substrate size ≤ 300mm
Substrate size ≥ 450mm
Spin Process Stations

Our high - quality, all NPP POLOS single wafer spin coaters are specifically designed for R&D and low volume production in the MEMS, Semiconductor, PV, Microfluidics field, etc. Suitable for all typical spin processes: cleaning, rinse/dry, coating, developing and etching.

The low-cost SPIN150i spin coater is suitable for processing fragments as small as 5 mm up to Ø150 (or 6”) or 4" x 4" substrates. Detachable touchpanel. Unlimited Program Storage for recipes with multiple steps each (CW & CCW rotation for puddle spin coating applications.)

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SPIN COATERS SPIN150i-NPP Table Top / SPIN150i-PTFE Table Top
Table Top Model for manual or optionally automated chemical dispense. High quality seamless NPP fabrication. Optional in PTFE. Includes a FREE vacuum chuck and fragment adapter
SPIN COATERS SPIN150i NPP Integrator / SPIN150i PTFE Integrator
Easy in-deck integration in your existing or new wetbench. Available in natural polypropylene (NPP) or optional PTFE process chamber. Includes a FREE vacuum chuck and fragment adapter
  • Affordable Spin Coater for universities
  • Spin processor for cleaning, drying, coating, developing and/or etching of up to Ø 160 mm substrates
  • Full-Plastic System in Natural Polypropylene (NPP)
  • Table-Top Model for manual or automated (optional) chemical dispense
  • Transparent Lid with syringe holder for central dispensing
  • Electro-magnetic safety lid lock
  • Detachable controller interface for easy integration
  • N2 diffuser for N2 purge during process.
  • Easy, step- by- step recipe programming via large colour touchscreen.
  • Unlimited Program Storage for recipes with multiple steps / each for:
    • Time 0.1-99999 sec/step
    • Speed 0-12,000 rpm **
    • Rotation direction (CW, CCW, puddling)
    • Acceleration /Deceleration 1-30,000 rpm/sec.**,selectable per step
    • Vacuum On /Off
  • 3 Programmable Dry Contacts: e.g. for automated control of Dispense unit, Nitrogen diffuser, etc.
  • Structured and password protected recipe storage for easy and safe management
  • Digitally controlled Motor with digital incremental speed signal feed back
  • Includes: (1) standard Vacuum Chuck
    • A-V36-S45-PP, Ø45 mm for up to Ø 6“ wafers D-V10-S50-PP, Small Fragment Adapter for Ø ½“- Ø 2’’ Pieces and Fragments (Alternative Chucks optionally available)
  • Drain connection 1” male NPT
    • (Exhaust Hose optional)

** Measured without substrate, limitations may apply depending on chuck used and substrate specification.
Available number of programs Unlimited*
Steps per program Unlimited*
Spin speed* 1 - 12,000 rpm** ± 1rpm steps
Spin speed accuracy ± 0.1 rpm **
Spin rotational direction Clockwise, Counter clockwise, Puddle
Max. acceleration 30,000 rpm/sec**
Spin time Unlimited*, ± 0.1 seconds steps
Free programmable outputs 3 dry relays, nominal switching capacity 0.5A /125 VAC - 0.3A / 60DC
System data  
Housing material Natural Polypropylene (NPP)***
Process chamber material Natural Polypropylene (NPP)***
Interface Detachable, full-size touchscreen, glove-friendly,IP52, chemical resistant
External connection 1 USB Port in the controller
Max. substrate diameter 160mm round or 4ʺ x 4ʺ square
Max. process chamber diameter 202 mm
Dimension (desktop version) 274 (w) x 250 (h) x 451 (d) mm
Shipping weight 14 kgs
Shipping dimension 600 x 380 x 360 mm
Voltage 100 - 120 VAC / 200 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz (auto select)
Power consumption Max. 500 W
Max. current 5A / 2.5A
Vacuum - 65 kPa (-19 inchHg), ≥ 80 lpm Tube OD Ø8mm
Motor purge gas 20 - 50 kPa, 2-5 l/min, Tube OD Ø 6mm
Drain connection 1” M-NPT

* Considering additional capability of standard unit such as USB backup, recipe cycling, PC software etc.
** Measured without substrate, limitations may apply depending on chuck used and substrate specification.
*** For our spin processors and chucks we use NPP-H with α-crystalline properties.
Liner Set

Liners are available in PET (Polyethylenterephthalat). 0.5mm thick, transparent, antistatic (108 - 1010 Ω) to prevent possible build-up of static charge in the chamber.
Syringe Holder Starter Kit

Consisting of several 30cc dispense barrels, needles and plungers.
Central Dispensing Syringe Holder

For single or triple syringes, with integrated N2 diffuser.
Dispense Unit

Can be mounted in syringe holder and be connected to one of the 3 programmable dry contacts.
Foot Switch

For hand free usage; controlling start/stop function and vacuum.
Centering Tool
Corrugated Drainhose and connector

In NPP, including connection to connect to the drainport.
Vacuum Pump

All spin coaters come standard with a chuck included. NPP material for standard units, PTFE for PTFE units.
The SPIN150i for up to 150mm substrates includes vacuum chuck A-V36 and fragment adaptor D-V10 (for 10mm and up).
The other models come standard with vacuum chuck A-V78.

Customized vacuum or mechanical chucks are available for almost any application.

Chucks are available in following materials:

  • PP: NPP with EPDM o-ring
  • FP: PTFE (TFM 1600 with FKM o-ring)  alternatively for thin substrates: porous PTFE
  • SS: Stainless Steel
  • AL: Aluminum

Note: other materials and custom design spin coater chucks are available on request, please contact us for details.


Round Substrates

Vacuum Chucks (Type A)

Round Substrates

Vacuum with Centering Pins (Type B)

Round Substrates

Non-Vacuum with Centering Pins (Type C)


Fragment Adapter (Type D)

Low-Contact - Square & Masks

Non-Vacuum for Square Substrates (Type E)

Low Contact – Round Substrates

Non-Vacuum for Cleaning Drying (Type H)

Thin, Fragile, Substrates & Foil

Adapter with perforated surface (Type J)

Laboratory Glass, Rectangular

Chuck for Embedded Substrates (Type K)
POLOS Series Single Wafer Spin Processor
POLOS Series Single Wafer Spin Processor





Please choose if syringe holder for center dispensing or static barrier plate is required.

Single Syringe holder

Closed cap with Nitrogen diffuser

Center Injection Line

Triple Syringe holder

Static Barrier Plate

Please specify the dispense system if required.





Peristaltic Pump <75ml

Peristaltic Pump <700ml

Choose your first topside injector type.





Choose your second topside injector type.

Spray (info)
Jet (info)
EBR (info)

Please indicate if an automated chemical delivery system is required.


Dispense vessel

Peristaltic pump

Please indicate if a second automated chemical delivery system is required

Dispense vessel (info)
Peristaltic pump

Please indicate preferred drain option.

1 MNPT drain port

Please specify the required drain tube length.

1.5 meter (info)
5 meter (info)
1.5 meter PFA (info)

Please indicate if a drain canister is required for waste storage.

5 liter (info)

Own Vacuum
Vacuum Pump (oil-less)

Liner Set (info)
Centering Aid (info)
Fragment Adapter
Non-Vacuum Chuck
Foot Switch

Round (wafer)
Square substrate

1" (25mm)
2" (50mm)
3" (75mm)
4" (100mm)
5" (125mm)
6" (150mm)
Other size (please specify you size in the remark field at the end of the configurator)

0 to 4500 EURO
4500 EURO and above


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