Substrate size ≤ 150mm
Substrate size ≤ 200 mm
Substrate size ≤ 300mm
Substrate size ≥ 450mm
Spin Process Stations


Select available model spin coater based on your substrate size or required spin application:
You can see all the spin coater are suitable for Cleaning, Rinse/Dry, Coating, Developing & Etching.


    Our high - quality, all NPP POLOS single wafer spin coaters are specifically designed for R&D and low volume production in the MEMS, Semiconductor, PV, Microfluidics field, etc. Suitable for all typical spin processes: cleaning, rinse/dry, coating, developing and etching.

    The low-cost SPIN150i spin coater is suitable for processing fragments as small as 5 mm up to Ø150 (or 6”) or 4" x 4" substrates. Detachable touchpanel. Unlimited Program Storage for recipes with multiple steps each (CW & CCW rotation for puddle spin coating applications.)

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  • Both spin coaters the POLOS SPIN200i and POLOS Advanced 200 are suitable for processing fragments of  Ø 200 mm / 8 inch wafers (or Ø 260 mm substrates), or 6"x6" square substrates.

    Both models are available in Table top of In Deck models for integration into your wetbench.

    The POLOS SPIN series standard comes with 3 I/O ports, to hook up with for example a foot-pedal for hands-free operation or dispense units. 

    The POLOS Advanced can be completely customized to customer demands, including domed lid and multiple chemical dispense lines. The Polos Advanced series allow the user to either dispense manually through the syringe or by using the optional manifold, with selectable valve(s) for dispensing chemical from the Dispense Vessel (DV), DI Water or N2.

    Includes a FREE vacuum chuck

  • The POLOS Advanced 300 spin coater is suitable for processing fragments of  Ø300mm/12 inch wafers (or Ø360mm substrates), or 8"x8" square substrates. The unit is also available as an in-deck version for integration into your wetbench. The POLOS Advanced series spin processors are very versatile spincoaters for a wide range of processes, including developing or etching.  The units are completely custom-build to meet customer requirements. Domed lid and multiple chemical dispense lines are optionally available. 

    Includes a FREE vacuum chuck

  •                  CLEANING                   COATING & DEVELOPING                      ETCHING

  • Spin coater Chucks

    Chucks are available in following materials:

    • PP: NPP with EPDM o-ring
    • FP: PTFE (TFM 1600 with FKM o-ring)  alternatively for thin substrates: porous PTFE
    • EC: ECTFE
    • SS: Stainless Steel
    • AL: Aluminum

    Note: other materials available on request, please contact us for details


    Round Substrates 
    2" up to 300mm wafers
    Multi-purpose Vacuum Chuck,
    without centering pins.

    A - Type

    Vacuum Chuck Ø45mm (1,75"), up to 6"

    Vacuum Chuck Ø96mm (3,75"), 8"

    Customized sizes at request.


    Round Substrates
    2" up to 300mm wafers
    Vacuum Chuck,
    with centering pins,
    for high speed application
    Customized sizes at request.

    B & L - Type





    Round Substrates
    2" up to 300mm wafers
    Non-Vacuum Chuck,
    with centering pins.
    For edge contact only.
    Customized sizes at request.

    C & E - Type






    Vacuum Chuck Adapter,
    for small substrate/fragment

    D - Type

    Fragment Adaptor, Vacuum 50mm centerhole
    for use with A-V36-S45-PP Vacuum Chuck

    Fragment Adaptor, Vacuum 50mm centerhole
    for use with A-V36-S45-PP Vacuum Chuck


    Customized Chuck

    Designed for special application.

    N - Type



    Rectangular Substrates
    (Laboratory Glass, etc.)
    With embedded recess
    for precise coating. Vacuum Chuck.
    Customized sizes at request.

    K - Type


    Low contact.
    Non-vacuum Chuck with
    clearance for round and square/ rectangular substrate, and
    centering pins.
    For back side processing.
    Customized sizes at request.

    H - Type



    Thin, Fragile Substrates.
    Vacuum Chuck
    Customized sizes at request. Also porous PTFE chucks are available.

    J - Type

    Vacuum Chuck for film or other thin substrates.





    DEXT Drain Exhaust Hose 
    VP0523 Vacuum Pump 
    N2DSH & SHSK Dispense Syringe Holder & Syringe Holder Starter Kit
    DS-PER-V Semi-Automatic Dispense System 




    IND OEM recessed In-Deck unit
    PTFE Unit in PTFE (Teflon ®) instead of NPP
    DEXT Drain Exhaust Tube
    DET Drain Exhaust Seperation Port Tee
    VP80 Vacuum Pump 
    FS-x Centering Tool 
    VW Vacuum Wand Set and Vacuum Tee Connection


    For MCD Manual Chemical Dispense Models only

    PD Pipette Dispense Holder
    DOME ECTFE Dome-Shaped Lid, without holes for nozzles
    SHSK Syringe Holder Starter Kit
    DS-PER-V Semi Automatic Dispense System


    For ACD Automatic Chemical Dispense Models only

    DV-PTFE Dispense Vessel
    ILACD Injection Line Adjustable Injector Head
    BSR Back Side Rinse
    EBR Edge Bead Removal
    SPS-xx Spin Process Station










UP TO Ø 150 mm
(or 6") OR 4”x4”

Spin coater SPIN 150i
Table Top or In-Deck


NPP / PTFE    
UP TO Ø 200 mm
(or 8") OR 6”x6”

Spin coater SPIN 200i
Table Top
or In-Deck


Spin coater POLOS 200 Advanced
Table Top or In-Deck


UP TO Ø 300 mm
(or 12") OR 8"x8"

Spin coater POLOS 300 Advanced

NPP / PTFE    

UP TO Ø 450 mm

Spin coater POLOS 450 Advanced







  • 85 cm
  • 140 cm
  • 170 cm
  • 200 cm

Process Stations **

NPP depends on the integrated spin processor model of your choice  

* Etchant must be competible with NPP. All units are also available in PTFE. Please refer to our chemical compatibility chart.
** Polypropylene enclosure with built-in integrated spin coater depending on your application. Fully automatic for cleaning, high pressure scrub, metal lift-off, stripping, rinsing, spin drying, coating, developing and/or etching of up to Ø 260 mm substrates.

Click here for available chucks for the spincoater.



  • Wide range from Manual up to Fully Automated Chemicals Dispense
  • Vibration-Free Spin speeds up to 12.000rpm
  • Small Footprint Table-Top platform
  • System integrated solutions available on request
  • Seamless Polypropylene Housing Material for high Chemical Resistance and Easy Cleaning of the Spin Coater
  • PTFE spincoater Configurations available for aggressive Chemicals
  • Full Size, detachable Keyboard enabling easy Program Access, even with gloved fingers!
  • Digital Process Controller for accurate, repeatable processing
  • Multiple Programs, with multiple programmable steps allowing high process flexibility
  • Programmable Relays, allowing process controlled interfacing with external hardware
  • German Quality
  • Affordable Spincoater for universities

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