Spin Process Station


The POLOS Spin Process Station is an extremely versatile platform for a wide range of processes. Based on the proven high quality POLOS Single Substrate Spin Processor, the modular design provides excellent value for money: full plastic construction, with high-end components, compatible with any chemical environment in a modular set-up, suitable for your specific requirement.

Successfully installed at customers worldwide, e.g. FhG ENAS in Germany or University Queensland in Australia.

Applications: cleaning substrates / photomasks, photoresist coating, developing, etching and lift-off processes.

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Automated etching system

Spin processor for spin etching with controllable flow rate and mixture ratio

  • Linear movable dispense arm with multiple dispensing and spraying lines
  • HD motor drive suitable for chemical saver “puddle” etching
  • Highly accurate Per step programmable flow rate and mixing ratio
  • Suitable for static or dynamic dispensing among all substrate surface
  • Nitrogen dry optionally available through dome or movable arm
  • Substrate Front & Back Side In Situ Di Water Rinse
  • Mandatory safety cycle for chamber neutralization at unit start-up
  • Submersed process chamber for safe processing of dangerous chemical
  • Equipped with 10l PTFE process tanks for chemical storage and preparation
  • Available with automated or manual filling system
  • Optionally available integrated with 3.5kW PFA Bath Heating System for Process Tank.
  • Full-Plastic enclosure in Natural Polypropylene (NPP)
  • For substrate up to Ø 200 mm
Available number of programs 999
Steps per program 100
Spin speed* 1 - 10,000 rpm** ± 1rpm steps
Spin speed accuracy ± 0.1 rpm **
Spin rotational direction Clockwise, Counter clockwise
Max. acceleration 30,000 rpm/sec
Acceleration accuray ± 0.1 rpm/sec
Spin speed read out accuray ± 0.1 rpm
System data  
Interface Keyboard and LCD full size display, chemical resistant, IP50
Tank model 3x PTFE process tank, 10 L effective volume
Utilities DIW spray gun, N2 spray gun, vacuum wand, front light indicators
Chamber diameter 302 mm
Dimension (desktop version) 1400 (w) x 1600 (h) x 950 (d) mm
Safety Leak sensor, drain sensor, exhaust monitor, ShutDown supply valve


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