Spin Process Station


Spin Process Stations is an versatile platform that you can used for a wide range of processes. Based on the proven high quality POLOS single substrate spin coater, the modular design Spin process station provides excellent value for money: full plastic construction, with high-end components, compatible with any chemical environment in a modular set-up, suitable for your specific requirement.

The seamless integration of polypropylene (optional PTFE) Spin processor in the base station allows you to work with all kinds of chemicals. In the station housing various modules can be incorporated and centrally controlled for supply of chemicals and gases.

Standard configurations are available for cleaning substrates as well as photomasks, photoresist coating, developing, etching and lift-off processes.

Successfully installed at customers worldwide, e.g. FhG ENAS in Germany or University Queensland in Australia.

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Also available with MMLO (Megasonic Metal Lift Off).


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