Uniform spin coating up to 12,000 rpm
Uniform spin coating up to 12,000 rpm
Spin etch – develop – clean - coat
Spin etch – develop – clean - coat
Megasonic cleaning on spin coater
Megasonic cleaning on spin coater
World Wide Support
2 year warranty
Custom System Configuration

All spin coaters come standard with a chuck included. NPP material for standard units, PTFE for PTFE units.
The SPIN150i for up to 150mm substrates includes vacuum chuck A-V36 and fragment adaptor D-V10 (for 10mm and up).
The other models come standard with vacuum chuck A-V78.

Customized vacuum or mechanical chucks are available for almost any application.

Chucks are available in following materials:

  • PP: NPP with EPDM o-ring
  • FP: PTFE (TFM 1600 with FKM o-ring)  alternatively for thin substrates: porous PTFE

Note: other materials and custom design spin coater chucks are available on request, please contact us for details.


Round Substrates

Vacuum Chucks (Type A)


Round Substrates

Vacuum with Centering Pins (Type B)


Round Substrates

Non-Vacuum with Centering Pins (Type C)



Fragment Adapter (Type D)


Low-Contact - Square & Masks

Non-Vacuum for Square Substrates (Type E)


Low Contact – Round Substrates

Non-Vacuum for Cleaning Drying (Type H)


Thin, Fragile, Substrates & Foil

Adapter with perforated surface (Type J)


Laboratory Glass, Rectangular

Chuck for Embedded Substrates (Type K)



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