POLOS Micro Printer

THE POLOS µPrinter
The POLOS µPrinter is a maskless lithography equipment for rapid-prororyping, based on a µLCD projection technology, compatible with a wide range of resists and substrates. Our system can produce any 2D shapes at micron resolution without the need for a hard-mask.

Key features
  • Writing resolution down to 2 µm
  • Adjustable writing field and resolution with exchangeable objectives
  • Compatible with CAD files or bitmap images
  • Compatible with g-line photo resists
  • Compatible with a wide range of substrates (silicon, glass, metal, plastic, ...)
  • Compatible with any sample size up to 4” wafer
  • Camera feedback for alignment steps

Key benefits
  • Time and money saving due to the absence of a hard-mask
  • lntuitive alignment method with direct overlay of the design on the sample
  • Table-top with very small foot print
  • Technology well suited for microelectronics, 2D-materials, microfluidics, optoelectronics, opties or any other 2D microfabrication application

Micro-fabrication system
Light source: Exposure: 435 nm; alignment: 525 nm
Minimum feature size: Adjustable from 2 to 23 µm
Alignment resolution: Down to 1 µm/cm2
Maximum exposure area: 75 x  75 mm2
Substrate size: Up to 4” wafers
System dimensions: W: (36 cm); D: (36 cm); H: (60 cm)


POLOS Micro Printer Datasheet
POLOS Micro Printer Datasheet

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