HARE SQ™ Photoresist

HARE SQ™ is a negative tone epoxy photoresist designed for polymeric MEMS, microfluidics, micromachining and other microelectronic applications. This resist has excellent chemical, mechanical and thermal resistance, making it suitable for permanent applications.

Sensitive to NUV, i-line and broadband wavelengths. HARE SQ™ uses superior epoxies specially designed for the electronics industry, making improvements in optical transparency, particles and filter-ability, cured surface energy consistency, and photoresist lot-to-lot consistency versus industry competitors.

Key features
  • Film thickness: 2 to 100+ microns
  • Adjustable writing field and resolution with exchangeable objectives
  • Double-coat process available
  • Superior cleanliness and optical clarity
  • Consistent surface energy
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Competes with SU-8™

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