Below tender spin coater


Looking for a Spin Coater below tender limit?

Tenders Invited for Purchase of Spin Coater…
Sealed quotation under single bid system… what a hassle!
Does anyone have a suggestion for purchasing a programmable spin coater?

Yes! 90% of the top technical universities worldwide already buy from us. We offer university package deals for a programmable spin coater with (or without) oil-free pump and other components to meet your tender requirements or within your budget level. Of course the price quoted includes all the costs such as packaging and delivery.

Our spin coaters are Plug-and-Play. No installation required.
No extra maintenance or serviceplan needed.

And full 24 months warranty (2 years)! 

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What is a Spin Coater package deal for universities?

                    An easy programmable table-top Spin Coating System, for your cleaning, drying, coating processes:
                    Unlimited Program Storage for recipes with multiple steps / each for:

                      -   Time 0.1-99999 sec/step
                      -   Speed 0-12,000 rpm **
                      -   Rotation direction (CW, CCW, puddling)
                      -   Acceleration / Deceleration 1-30,000 rpm/sec.**, selectable per step
                      -   Vacuum On / Off

  •               Comes inclusive of 1 standard vacuum chuck and small fragment adapter for vacuum handling of fragments
                   from 10mm up to 6" (150mm) round silicon wafers, or 4”x4” square glass substrates.  
                  (**rpm  depending on substrate weight)

                   Non-vacuum chucks, chucks for embedded processing of microscope slides or an oil-free vacuum pump are optional.

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Our Spin Coater options

Does anyone have a suggestion for purchasing a programmable spin coater?

Do you intend to purchase a programmable spin coater to deposit materials
such as photoresist or sol gel as a thin film?

We offer SPIN150i spin coaters from stock, ready to ship. It is fully programmable, unlimited program storage. This spin coater is designed for creating high quality films. A low cost unit, standard with easy programming touch screen panel, USB connection. Easy installation, CE-compliant and 2 years warranty. The standard, low price unit offers a full range of possibilities: it can be used with or without vacuum, it does not need N2, but can be hooked up to a nitrogen line if a new process requires so, making this the best R&D spin coater you can buy! is powered by -