Spin coater Drying


Spin coater Drying

The POLOS spin coaters have proven to be an excellent cleaning, rinsing and drying solution after wafer processing.

Please find below our cost-effective POLOS SPIN150i and SPIN200i spin processors for spin drying. With a low contact mechanical chuck no vacuum line or vacuum pump is required.



  • Single Wafer Chemical or Residual Removal

  • Spin, Rinse, and Dry semiconductor wafers after a wet process 

  • Cleaning up to 300mm wafers utilizing DI Water Rinse, followed by heated N2 dry



Recommended models*:

* Models are standard supplied with vacuum chuck , mechanical chucks are optionally available, depending on substrate.

Note: For batch applications: sps-europe.com offer refurbishment services of your SRD Spin Rinse Dryers. Contact us!


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