Peristaltic dispensing pump


Programmable Peristaltic Dispensing Pump
"Learn & repeat"

Why peristaltic pumps?

Peristaltic pumps have few moving parts. The fluids are pumped from a canister or bottle through replaceable continuous tubing. The fluid goes through the tube and never comes in contact with the pump – no damage from abrasive, corrosive or viscous liquids. Fluids can be kept more clean and sterile than other pumping methods.


No valves, seals or glands, making these peristaltic pumps inexpensive and easy to maintain.


 Pump from a reservoir through replaceable continuous tubing.
 Dispense a set volume from a reservoir.
 Continuous Pumping.
 Dispenses and Withdraws.
 Calibration function to ensure process repeatability.
 Slow Down and Anti-Drip modes for dispense control.
 Can optionally be operated by foot switch or external sensor, through the
      spin coater controller.
 Store and select from up to 40 dispenses
 Easy-to-use keypad interface
 Compact design - 7 3/4” L x 5 1/4” W x 5 3/4” H


Learn and repeatTM

Quickly teach the pump the volume of a bottle or container. Then immediately fill all yur bottles or containers to the same volume.

Quick change pumping heads

Reduce costs while increasing productivity by using one pump with multiple fluids. Quickly change between different fluids with extra pumping heads. Simply twist off one head and twist on a different head to change between fluids.

NE-9000B Peristaltic pump high flow

Large volume dispensing in many settings, from small home-based businesses to the factory floor. Applications range from continuous flow to measured dispenses. Flow rate ranges from 0.035 mL/min to 775.2 mL/min. Available with 2-roller pumping head and 3/16” ID tubing.

NE-9000G Peristaltic pump low flow

Designed for precision dispense with lower flow rates and small dispensing volume. Flow rate ranges from 0.004 mL/min to 75.19 mL/min. Available with 4-roller pumping head and 1/16” ID tubing.

NE-9000B and NE-9000G Peristaltic pump

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